Bonnie Morris, CPA(mother of April and Amy) (top left), April Morris, President (top right), Betty Perry, Founder (bottom left), Amy Morris, President 1997-2010 (bottom right)



In 1962, Betty Perry established Cleveland Survey Center, the founding company for Focus Groups of Cleveland. Cleveland Survey Center and Betty were always on the leading edge in developing qualitative and quantitative primary research. A true visionary and pioneer in research methodologies, Betty began by going door to door, conducting respondent surveys for clients. Later, she developed the mall interception, where she could survey multiple respondents in one place, again ahead of her time.

As the years passed and homemakers increasingly headed to the workplace, the research marketplace began to shift toward focus groups. In 1990, Cleveland Survey Center became Focus Groups of Cleveland, a company dedicated exclusively to accommodate the need for upper-scale, focus group research.

Today, Focus Groups of Cleveland carries on Betty’s strong values and traditions under the exceptional leadership of the third generation of her family. As an active member of the research community, current president April Morris applies the best research techniques and stays ahead of the trends. In 2013, April remodeled the facility and upgraded all of its state-of-the-art equipment. With a growing database of respondents and modern, comfortable furnishings, FGC is a top-tier research company in the modern era.