Hello everyone!

Focus Groups of Cleveland is open and ready for face-to-face research.  Of course we are continuing to conduct national recruiting, phone surveys, on-line studies, and curbside drive-thru interviews.

As the largest facility in northeastern Ohio, we are uniquely suited to be able to follow the guidelines and provide the safety that you and your clients need in the new normal research environment. We have over 6,000 square feet of safe, clean research space.  As a precaution for everyone we are respecting the guidelines very carefully. We are consulting with all of our clients on an individual basis about safety concerns for each and every project. We are exercising extreme caution as health and safety are our number one goal.  Please see below measures we are taking:

  1. Providing masks and hand sanitizer to everyone.
  2. Respondents entering the facility will be required to wear a mask.R
  3. Respondents will only be allowed to come in with their ID and Keys. No cell phones allowed.  Client can determine how to proceed once in the focus suite.
  4. Respondents must wash hands upon entry into facility.5.
  5. No food will be offered in the waiting area. Bottled water only.
  6. FGC will offer fresh supplies between sessions. Used pens, pencils, and markers will be discarded at the end of each session or day.
  7. Reviewing the CDC website daily.
  8. Team meetings are conducted daily on safety and health. All staff have ongoing training on Covid-19 cleaning procedures.
  9. FGC is taking this very seriously and treating the facility as if we are a hospital with sanitation practices.
  10. All common areas will be disinfected daily, as well as during and in between projects.  All workstations, viewing rooms, respondent rooms, desks, tables and high contact surfaces will be disinfected frequently.

Room 3 is large enough to accommodate 9 respondents and a moderator.  Social distance is not needed.

We also have a large room, without two-way viewing, next to our office that is large enough to hold approximately 12-14 respondents at a 6 ft distance.

As an additional option, we do have access to an auditorium. This space is not within the FGC facility. It is located in a separate attached building. This space will seat 49 respondents without social distance. This space does not have one-way viewing. 10 clients are able to view from a closed-circuit TV in an attached conference room.  Please click on link to view the space www.focusgroupsofcleveland.com/facility

We are happy to help with any of your project needs.  We are ready to conduct online, phone, IDI’s, triads, in-facility and curbside drive-thru interviews.  Video streaming is always available on multiple platforms and viewing options.

Focus Groups of Cleveland looks forward to working with you and making your project a big success!

Please contact us for your next project!   We can be reached by phone or email:

Email:  Research@focusgroupsofcleveland.com

Phone:  216-901-8075