Thank you for everything; this was one of the best facility experiences I’ve ever had and probably the best staff ever.

Colin, Informed Decisions Group


I’ve done focus groups all over the world and I would like to compliment you on the work of your team. For me as a moderator, I’m not concerned about the food, the comfort of the viewing room, etc. That’s important for clients and viewers, but for the moderator and analyst who is creating the knowledge for product design, brand strategy, ad testing, etc., it’s all about the people in the room. That’s recruiting. The recruit for the past two days was one of the best I’ve experienced in my 40 year career. A talented recruiter doesn’t just find participants who meet the recruiting criteria, they listen to the person to see how they will perform in the session. The folks we had, whether from our list or from your database, were excellent and these were very productive sessions.

Also for the moderator it’s how easy it is to work with the staff on managing the event. That makes the task either pleasant or unpleasant. I had a great time working with your staff. You have some great, attentive and fun people working with you.

Thank your team for me. They did a wonderful job all around.

Mike, Firebox Research & Strategy, LLC


Wanted to send a big thank you your way for an excellent 2-day session.

The recruiting was fantastic – the quality of candidate, attention to detail and consistent updating and preparation of candidates pre & post session was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had – kudos to the team.

Shirley & Montina, the level of care you provided throughout was outstanding, we so appreciate how helpful and attentive you both were to update us, get the sessions set up and help out, even on the most random requests (thank you for the zip ties!).

The facility – I’m so glad we talked about this and that the team changed their mind to host at the facility, because we found a gem – you knew it and now we know it too so thank you for enabling us to hold the groups at the facility.

Thank you & be in touch soon.



Everything went very well and we were quite happy with how the groups went . Thanks for your help fitting this one in and finding all of the people we needed for a challenging recruit.   The recruits were great! I told Dee that Group #1 might be the best focus group I’ve ever seen. We gathered great insights from the participants for this project. Please send my sincere appreciation to your team!
TTI Floor Care North America


Working with the Focus Groups of Cleveland team has been a wonderful experience. Helpful staff members, timely and detailed communications, and great recruits make for a powerful combination that ensure everything goes smoothly. Perfect scores for the Impulse Survey!
Olivetree Research


I assure you, April, that we will continue to use FOC as we have research needs.
b4 Branding


It was a pleasure to work with you, and everything really went well! I will definitely contact you again for our next study in Cleveland.
Reality Check


Thanks to you and your team for an outstanding day. All details were handled perfectly, the team was helpful and hospitable, and everything was just flawless. The recruit was (as usual) excellent, and I was impressed that everyone showed up despite the heavy snow! Our moderator, had never worked in the market previously and also mentioned how impressed she was with the facility, service and recruit.
We will, of course, be back when our needs dictate. I like using Cleveland as a test market, and you’ll always be our first choice!
Bob Evans


April, it was great working with you and your team. The respondents were excellent and had incredibly rich dialog.
Illume Communications