Your Opinion Counts!

Did you know that companies often pay people just like you for their opinions about certain products or services? Since 1962, Focus Groups of Cleveland has worked with a wide range of businesses whose product-development, customer-research and marketing teams are eager to know what consumers think!

Some of our clients hire us to invite several people to come to our facility to share their thoughts and ideas in a group discussion (called a focus group) or in an individual, one-on-one interview. Other clients ask us to find people who are willing to participate in a telephone interview or an online study. Either way, as compensation, each participant typically receives an honorarium of $75 to $150 (or more), depending on the length of project.

To join our panel of participants, you will first need to fill out a form (see below) that gives us some information about you. Companies usually ask us to find people of a certain age, education level or household income, for instance. So, we need to know a little about you to determine whether you qualify for client projects as they come along.

Rest assured, however — your name and information will not be shared with anyone else. We never sell our database information, and all of your information is kept strictly confidential. Nor will we ever try to sell you anything or send unsolicited promotional materials.

NOTE: Industry standards and client specifications dictate that you may participate in only two projects in a 12-month period.

To complete our online form and join our panel of participants, CLICK HERE now. It takes only a few moments, and it’s absolutely free to sign up!

If you are already one of our valued panel participants, you may update your information (with a new phone number or email address, for example) by filling out the same form and submitting it to us, or you may contact us by email at: research@focusgroupsof