As a Focus Groups of Cleveland Panelist you will automatically be included for participation in our focus group discussions and other research projects. Focus Groups of Cleveland is proud to abide by the “Code of Market Research Standards” by the Market Research Association (MRA).

  • Please indicate if you are a NEW panel member or updating your current information.
  • Please complete ALL requested information. Questions left unanswered may prohibit your participation in a study.
  • Consumers that participate in a research study will be compensated for their time.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the Focus Groups of Cleveland Panel, please contact us at

Please note: The information voluntarily given by you will be used for research purposes only. All information obtained will be used in the selection criteria for participation in a specific research study. The information provided will NEVER be shared or sold to any other organization or third party and is kept in strict confidence.

If you are already one of our valued panel participants, you may update your information (with a new phone number or email address, for example) by filling out the same form and submitting it to us, or you may contact us by email at:

Thank you for joining the Focus Groups of Cleveland panel!